Scandinavian Markets

The Scandinavian markets

- The Scandinavian markets share many similarities in culture and demographics, while small differences set them apart. Relatively small individually, but a total of 20 million consumers with a purchasing power above most other countries.
- Sustainability has become a way of life in Scandinavia and this focus can be seen in areas such as the construction industry, manufacturing and CleanTech to name a few.
- High tax rates support big government spending on healthcare, infrastructure and tools to advance the digital evolution in many industries.
- The countries role as early adopters of new technologies makes way for big opportunities to test out new innovations.

- Norway has a predictable business climate with high productivity rates and an open economy.
- The country has a skilled and multilingual population and rich energy resources which are just a few of the positives.
- As the owners of the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund they make big public investments to transform the infrastructure. Norway is very open to foreign contractors and subcontractors who are often involved in the projects.
- Norway is also one of the countries in the world that spends most of their GDP per citizen on healthcare. This is driving the continuous advancements of MedTech and Life Sciences in the country.

- The Swedish culture is focused on problem solving and is always open to new ideas. Well known to be an early adopter of new technologies and innovative solutions through a wide range of sectors.
- Sweden is a sophisticated marketplace where consumers take on trends quickly. It’s the home of 10 million consumers with resources and purchasing power well above most other European countries.
- These consumer demographics together with its position as an early adopter of technology makes Sweden a great country to test a product or service as the start of a long-term plan approaching other markets in Europe.

- Denmark is continuously ranked as one of the best countries in the world to conduct business. Low bureaucracy and a safe business environment makes Denmark an easily accessible market.
- Denmark has one of the most advanced telecommunication infrastructures in Europe and the government has a vision to become a leader in industrial digitisation which opens up for many new technologies.
- Copenhagen offers a close proximity and excellent connections to many important markets in Europe. - The workforce is also highly educated which makes the capital a great choice for setting up a regional business hub.

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