Market Research

Market Research

Our market research will show the market potential for your company while you will receive the tools to make an informed decision if and how an expansion to the market should be approached. We perform primary research through interviews with potential end-customers, distributors, industry organisations and other industry experts. Secondary research is done by scanning the web, industry reports, public records and tenders. From our market research we provide a report containing:

  • Collection of key figures and trends to prepare your company for any potential challenges and opportunities in the market that may come your way.

  • Compilation of the regulations and industry standards that exist in the market, including a guidance through the necessary adaptations, registrations and testing of your products or services.

  • Overview of the competitive landscape which includes extensive information on the competitors and their products and services together with prices which will help you adjust your export prices accordingly.

  • Information on tariffs, border taxes and customs procedures.

  • Examination of your target market. We will find out who your potential customers are and how they behave. Information on what they buy and from where.

  • Extensive lists with distributors, resellers, importers and other potential partners so that all possible entry strategies can be considered.

  • Any additional information that may be valuable for your company.

Outsourcing the market research to a local company will not only give you the advantage of receiving information that may be difficult and time-consuming to find for a foreign company. You will also minimize the risk of confirmation bias that is possible when the market research is done from the exporting company’s perspective.

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