Business Development

Business Development

Using a local intermediary to open doors will add a level of trust that otherwise may be difficult to achieve when a foreign company is not yet established in the market. New markets sometimes require new sales and marketing approaches to make sure that cultural norms and local business practices are followed. We have extensive experience in business development for our native Scandinavian markets. We go through the following steps to open doors for your company:

  • Evaluation of the potential collaboration partners against the requirements of your company to assure a good match.

  • We conduct lead generation activities through different channels for those potential partners who pass through the evaluation.

  • We present the value proposition and the chosen marketing material to create an interest.

  • If the approached company is a good fit for your company and the interest is mutual, then we book in a meeting that suit both parties.

  • Finally we create an agenda with a number of meetings for your company in Scandinavia. We advice face-to-face meetings to establish the relationships but the introductory meetings can also be held over Skype or other communication platforms if preferred.

Experience gained from previous market entries is valuable but foreign companies should consider that cultural differences can sometimes be an obstacle to build the trust that is necessary to initiate a partnership.

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