We can close your knowledge gap in the Scandinavian markets

At ScandiConnect we assist foreign companies with flexible market entry services for the Scandinavian markets. We present local opportunities to relevant foreign companies – then we connect these exporting companies with suitable local partners and ultimately new customers in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Checklist for Scandinavian market entry

1. Do you know the specific industry standards and regulatory requirements in the market?

Foreign companies that are not compliant with the industry standards and regulations will not be able to enter effectively which will lead to a costly delay in the entry process.

2. Have you analysed the competitive landscape?

Not knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competition makes it difficult to find your own competitive advantage in the market.

3. Have you defined your target market?

Money and time spent may be wasted if you don’t know where your target market is, what preferences they have and how they behave.

4. Have you found a good selection of potential collaboration partners?

Random selections or small samples of potential partners will increase the risk of a bad match and ultimately poor results in the new market.

5. Do you know what marketing material to use and how to best communicate your message for the intended audience?

Failure to adjust the marketing material and your communication approach may hinder the chances to break through today’s information overload to get a foot in the door.

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